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  Privacy Information Notice of Greenford School of Dance

The Principal is Rachael Greenall LRAD AISTD who is the Privacy Manager and oversees the School’s data protection procedures.

This Notice sets out how the School processes data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

The personal data that we obtain from parents relating to each pupil is generally: Parents’ contact details; pupils full names; date of birth; school attended; relevant medical information.


This information is obtained for the sole purpose of maintaining contact with the parents and ensuring that our teachers are aware of any medical condition that may affect the pupil during class (e.g. asthma, dyspraxia, allergies, injury etc.)

The data is securely stored and only shared by the school principal and appropriate teachers/ administrative staff. It may also be shared when necessary with Dance Examining Bodies or with Track and Trace by the NHS in the case of a positive Covid contact. It may be shared when required by the law in compliance with provisions of GDPR. We do not share personal data with any third party and we do not use this data for marketing purposes. The Website does not use cookies.

We may request to use your child’s image on the school’s website, printed publications or social media for promotional purposes. We will not use personal details or names of any child or adult in a photograph on our website, printed publications and social media.


We do not keep pupil records longer than necessary delete these records after the pupil ceases dance lessons with us.

Parents have a legal right to access all personal information held by us relating to their child(ren)

1st August 2023  

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