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Reassessed September 2022 - Please note these terms and conditions are currently dormant unless Government Guidelines change

Re-entry to live classes

General Terms and Conditions September 2020-

Reassessed 18th April 2021, Reassessed 07th September 2021

These terms and conditions have been put in place to maximise the safety of everyone at Greenford School of Dance with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please read this information very carefully and discuss as a family at home so that everyone understands the need to abide by the necessary rules. Our aim is to ensure that all students will enjoy their classes in the safest way possible.

We ask that you please

  • Understand we have had to make changes to our timetable. Pre booking is now required before attending a class due to restricted numbers allowed in a class. “Walk-ins” will not be able to be accepted.
  • Ensure you have signed your waiver form and returned before the first class back. You will not be allowed to return to class if it has not been signed and received by GSOD.

Once a waiver form has been signed this will then be an ongoing document throughout the pandemic.

  • Please make sure we have you most recent contact details in the event your child begins to feel unwell during class. Anyone feeling unwell will be sent home immediately regardless of symptoms.
  • For anyone who is displaying symptoms of being unwell please do not attend class until fully recovered.
  • If you are going to be late we may not be able to permit you to class.

Please contact your teacher directly by text only to let them know you are running late in order to help you get into class safely where possible.

Miss Rachael 07961 185799

Miss Jemima 07740 996808

Miss Alex 07806 507209

  • If you will not be attending class please contact your teacher directly by text only so they are aware who they are waiting for at the start of each class.
  • Where possible, please ensure a 1:1 adult/child ratio on drop off and pick up to minimise the number of people in the space. Please follow social distancing guidelines when you arrive or leave the venue. Please make sure to accept responsibility for your child whilst waiting and where they stand in relation to others at drop off and pick up.
  • All staff and parents, unless medically exempt, to wear masks during drop off and pick up. Students do not need to masks whilst dancing, unless they wish to do.
  • Please make sure students have been to the toilet before coming to class. We understand this is not always going to be possible but would appreciate your efforts. Toilet facilities will only be available to us in emergencies or existing medical conditions. If your child has to use the toilet please adhere to the guidance specific to that venue.
  • Please travel to the venue using your own car or walk if able to do so. Only use public transport if necessary and continue to follow the current government guidelines on face coverings when travelling to classes.
  • Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your class time. Our waiting rooms/areas will be out of bounds. Our new timetable allows for a 5 minute interval between classes in order to stagger arrival and pick up times to allow for social distancing.
  • Do not enter the venue before instructed to do so. Please wait in a socially distanced manner. Where applicable, follow the one-way system in our venues.
  • Bring your child dressed and ready for class with hair already tied up. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot facilitate the changing of uniforms etc in the venue.
  • Follow the guidance of the venue when entering and exiting your class as some of our venues may require face coverings in other areas of the building.
  • Use the hand sanitising facilities provided upon entrance and exit of the venue. Payments in named envelopes or letters needing to be given to teachers can be placed on this table by the student prior to sanitising hands.
  • Please be aware that some venues will require your child to partake in a compulsory temperature check before allowing entry to the building. Anyone with a temperature that exceeds 38C will not be permitted into the class.
  • Limit the number of items you bring to your class to 1 small bag per person with only essential items e.g. water, free movement scarf, character uniform and/or tap shoes. Furthermore, DO NOT bring any toys, teddy bears or similar.
  • Ballet shoes are a REQUIREMENT and can be changed in the venue if needed. As above, where possible, please bring your child in full uniform. Furthermore, please understand that we CANNOT allow children to dance in bare feet at this time so where ballet shoes have been outgrown, socks with grips can be used as an alternative. Unfortunately, we are not able to help younger children change shoes or tie laces.
  • We do not expect your child to wear a face covering during their class.

For students over the age of 11 or anyone younger who would feel safer wearing one, then we are happy for you to do so.

  • Teachers will give clear guidance of when and where your child should stand to get ready to start the class.
  • Students under 18, or any over 18 who are double vaccinated, will now no longer need to socially distance from each other or the teacher when dancing in the space.
  • The teacher will now be reintroducing physical corrections from September 2021 onwards. Staff will ensure to wash hands regularly when physically correcting. All staff have been double vaccinated.
  • Where barres, props or chairs are being used, please be assured the item will be disinfected after each use.
  • Leave the venue promptly. This will help to ease congestion and allow teachers to prepare the room for the next class.
  • If your child tests positive for Covid 19 after attending a class please contact us promptly in order to assist with track and trace. You will not be able to attend class until the current government guidance states it is safe to do so. Students and staff in the affected class will not need to isolate, if under 18, or double vaccinated if over 18.
  • If a member of your household tests positive for Covid 19 please follow the current government guidance for isolating and do not attend class if you develop symptoms or test positive yourself.
  • If returning from abroad please follow the quarantine rules for the country you are returning from. Should a student need to isolate, students must not attend class until their quarantine period is over.
  • Lastly, please still look forward to your class! Encourage your child to know that that these changes are for everyone’s safety. We want our students to enjoy their class as much as possible and feel safe and secure in their environment during class.

By attending classes at Greenford School of Dance, you hereby agree to comply with all new terms and conditions for participation. Furthermore, you understand that any additional rules and guidelines may be implemented for the safety of all stakeholders. Where necessary, any additional rules will be communicated verbally and/or emailed. In the event of a second lockdown or a teacher having to quarantine, classes will immediately revert to zoom.

In the event of a second lockdown or a teacher having to quarantine, classes will immediately revert to zoom.